why dispising communism?

People dispise communism.

They consider stalinism (state property under dictatorship of the autoreferential leader’s single-party state), not a workers’ – former czar serfs – self-organized management by the mean of multilevelled soviets (assembly – I hope I return on that).
Forgetting experiences like Enrico Berlinguer‘s Italian Communism, so far from some asiatic dictatorship. We believe in democracy, at least it is, good or bad or media-manipulable, people self-govenment and the most effcective mean of judging by ourselves (as a group) the government, whatever it is.

Rush to money: rush to military power. Because getting the most powerful industrial assets is getting the most effective military technologies. Here it is on what is founded the ‘victory’ of free market, of draining other people means of sustaining themselves by their own work, of the rush to devouring the planet.

You can agree with all that, so much people do. You cannot be aware of that, so much people do or pretend to do it.

But a SOUND communism is no more then right allotment of wealth, on that we should debate (for example giving worth to whom is worthful), right allotment that couldn’t include buying by money other people lifes, could it?


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