What do we want from information media?

I believe the problem of the information media isn’t only they too often hide not so much hidden propaganda will, but that people has what I don’t hesitate to call a faith they have the capability of giving them everything on a platter. Therefore the point should be we don’t deal with media with the due rationality – however they don’t find useful to themselves to push us to do so. As a matter of fact they are, if we want to deal with them as they promote themselves, however ONE source and ONE way of information. Giving them a good confidence wherever we don’t consider they could distort reality because of involvement even worse if just an emotional one, letting apart their sources are really reliable, is left to one’s critical sense, a bit as we should do with every person telling us a story. I remember media are, government media too where they exist, firms which attend to tell what they need to make their job and people doing it carries on, which includes respecting the request of objectivity, accuracy e completeness but doesn’t lift from us the duty of, I repeat, critical sense, over all remarks.


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