7 tools to underpin the economy

A strong people is the base for any nation, and popular wellfare rises the acquisition of awareness and so strength for its citizens by the access to cultural tools (education, books, press, the internet) and so to cultural creation.

Here there are 7 yet existing tools to underpin the economy and keep it from huge accentrated capital stocks collapse, so subject to huge collapse even more where there is the will of few to makes trick with their huge numbers. Not at random, sectors based on these methodologies are among the less hit by the crisis:

public company
– “public” bank (Italian “banca popolare”, if you can read Italian there is an entry about it on the Italian Wikipedia)
social business
ethical banking

I remark that this post don’t want to be resolved in a between the lines assault against derivatives, which represent an effective way of coverage from market fluctuations, but for firms dealing DIRECTLY (enough) the goods which their counter-fluctuations are subject for.
The free and also liberal market is an unvaluable conquer, giving chance of developing effective productive and allocation systems, products and services especially as much as it is like Adam Smith conceived it, i.e. based on perfect competition. The problem is how much laborers get profit from it and don’t just undertake risks.


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