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Aphorisms – Aforismi [3]

19 June 2011


You must solve problems in the sequence which they are in front of you in.

I problemi si risolvono nell’ordine in cui si presentano.


Aphorisms – Aforismi [2]

13 June 2011


People has always a WTF nothing to do. That’s not enough: they are so idiot that, not to admit that, carry on pervicaciously to do THAT (nothing).

La gente non c’ha mai un ca**o da fare. Non solo: è così idiota che, pur di
non ammetterlo, insiste con pervicacia a non farlo.

Aphorisms – Aforismi [1]

9 June 2011


A civil world or a barbarian world? There is barbarism when the hegelian synthesis complexity = simplicity vs. complicatedness breaks.

Civiltà e barbarie? Barbarie è quando si spezza la sintesi hegeliana
complessità = semplicità vs. complicatezza.