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“Deepening” about Bendandi’s method

28 August 2011

Raffaele Bendandi points out Earth crust is subject to tidal waves. That is not able to explain all the Earth seismic activity, both of minimal intensity and of major intensity, but those tidal waves can be a stimulus for urging SOME seismic shakes. The question is locating the fault which that stimulus will act on and the exact point of that. Maybe a knowledge I would definetopographical” of the underground parts of every fault would be necessary, i.e. a knowledge of their underground conformation in terms of protuberances and concavities. However Bendandi’s method, which has forecast a certain number of earthquakes, is like Leonardo da Vinci‘s theories about flight: maybe we shall not make Icaruswings but aircrafts, and that after researches and works, and technologies, laying on the basis that terrestrial crust os subject to tidal waves.

It would be interesting observing if high and low Earth atmosphere pressures are interested by tidal waves, too.