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Military or paramilitary band: Italian Government decriminalises

25 December 2010

The decriminalisation (i.e. changing from jail to a fine of the connected penalty) in Italy of the criminal offence of military or paramilitary band, called also “Lodo Calderoli” – because it was the veto of the minister Roberto Calderoli in the Council of Ministers of Italy to its elimination from the governmental decree, which until today it is unknown how it is entered in, of the regulation that institutes it that held it in that – is an attempt to destroy the sovereignty of the Italian State.

Just the State has the right (and the duty) of instituting military structures, its own ones, on its own territory. I invite the President of Italy to point the matter to the Italian Government, before signing the reiteration of the governmental decree.


7 tools to underpin the economy

12 April 2009

A strong people is the base for any nation, and popular wellfare rises the acquisition of awareness and so strength for its citizens by the access to cultural tools (education, books, press, the internet) and so to cultural creation.

Here there are 7 yet existing tools to underpin the economy and keep it from huge accentrated capital stocks collapse, so subject to huge collapse even more where there is the will of few to makes trick with their huge numbers. Not at random, sectors based on these methodologies are among the less hit by the crisis:

public company
– “public” bank (Italian “banca popolare”, if you can read Italian there is an entry about it on the Italian Wikipedia)
social business
ethical banking

I remark that this post don’t want to be resolved in a between the lines assault against derivatives, which represent an effective way of coverage from market fluctuations, but for firms dealing DIRECTLY (enough) the goods which their counter-fluctuations are subject for.
The free and also liberal market is an unvaluable conquer, giving chance of developing effective productive and allocation systems, products and services especially as much as it is like Adam Smith conceived it, i.e. based on perfect competition. The problem is how much laborers get profit from it and don’t just undertake risks.

Bob Geldof: The poor must be included in a global economy

4 April 2009

Here there is a post on the New York Times about a proposal by the rockstar Bob Geldof to invest for Africa 1 percent of the fiscal stimulus:

G-20 Dispatch: Interview with Musician Bob Geldof

and here there is an article on the same topic by himself:

Bob Geldof: The poor must be included in a global economy

What do we want from information media?

27 November 2008

I believe the problem of the information media isn’t only they too often hide not so much hidden propaganda will, but that people has what I don’t hesitate to call a faith they have the capability of giving them everything on a platter. Therefore the point should be we don’t deal with media with the due rationality – however they don’t find useful to themselves to push us to do so. As a matter of fact they are, if we want to deal with them as they promote themselves, however ONE source and ONE way of information. Giving them a good confidence wherever we don’t consider they could distort reality because of involvement even worse if just an emotional one, letting apart their sources are really reliable, is left to one’s critical sense, a bit as we should do with every person telling us a story. I remember media are, government media too where they exist, firms which attend to tell what they need to make their job and people doing it carries on, which includes respecting the request of objectivity, accuracy e completeness but doesn’t lift from us the duty of, I repeat, critical sense, over all remarks.

why dispising communism?

17 November 2008

People dispise communism.

They consider stalinism (state property under dictatorship of the autoreferential leader’s single-party state), not a workers’ – former czar serfs – self-organized management by the mean of multilevelled soviets (assembly – I hope I return on that).
Forgetting experiences like Enrico Berlinguer‘s Italian Communism, so far from some asiatic dictatorship. We believe in democracy, at least it is, good or bad or media-manipulable, people self-govenment and the most effcective mean of judging by ourselves (as a group) the government, whatever it is.

Rush to money: rush to military power. Because getting the most powerful industrial assets is getting the most effective military technologies. Here it is on what is founded the ‘victory’ of free market, of draining other people means of sustaining themselves by their own work, of the rush to devouring the planet.

You can agree with all that, so much people do. You cannot be aware of that, so much people do or pretend to do it.

But a SOUND communism is no more then right allotment of wealth, on that we should debate (for example giving worth to whom is worthful), right allotment that couldn’t include buying by money other people lifes, could it?